Today I´m going to try to answer son questions that describe me most, as follows:

1. Name: Carlos Miguel

2.Description: height 1.73mt, Short hair brown, brown eyes.
3.Favorite haircut: Short.
4. Favorite Apparel: Jeans, white sport shoes, simple. I love orange,red and blue colors.
5. A famous: Denzel Washington (best actor)
6. A female Name: Valentina, I hope have a daughter with this name.
7. A pet: I love dogs, specially big dogs.
8. Your pet: Right now I don´t have one.

9. A brand: Nike, Adidas, Acics, Puma, Swiss Army, Kenneth Cole, Abercrombie&fitch.

10. A special meal: Steack´s Carpaccio, Raviolis, Pizza, Burritos (I love Mexican and Italian food)
11. A sentence: “Bieleve only in yourself” Author: me.
12. A language: I will love to learn French and Dutch.
13. Some country that you want to know: I would like to know China, and travel around the world in a Boat with wings.
14. A movie: My favorite is with no doubt, “when harry met sally”, with Billy Cristal and Meg Ryan, and some other, populars, like Gladiator, Hannibal, Philadelphia, Matrix, Spyder man, Batman begins
15. A dream: Have a big company, a big family with doughters an sons… this is for me, sucess in my life.
16. Do you have a dairy? No, I don´t only in my job a have one agenda.
17. What is your favorite Cereal? Nesfit with tears of chocolate.
18. Do you think that you are a Strong person? Most of the times, but not always I have some weak sides specially related to my family.
19. Your favorite Ice cream: Stracciatela.
20.Your feet size: 10 1/2.
21. Color: Orange.
22.What is the thing that you less like from you? I love Everything from me!
23. What is the color of your trousers and shoes? Brown, and black respt.
24.  Last thing that you ate today? Arepa with white cheese and butter, with orange juice.
25. What are you listening right now? Lenny Kravitz, “Again” I love it¡¡¡
26. Who was the last person that you talk by phone with? My Boss.
27. Favorite Drink: Polar light beer, Red Wine.
28. Favorite sport to watch in TV: NFL, MLB, NBA, Ultimate fighting¡¡¡
29.Winter or summer: Summer always I hate the cold..
30. Are you reading right now some book? which one?: None.
31. Is there something in your wall? a portrait of my family.
32. What did you saw at the tv last night? News, Batman begins in tnt channel.

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